Alien Versus Predator Slot Machine

Ok, so it’s not the real thing and the bonuses won’t have you in the jungle trying to zap Arnold Schwarzenegger or anything like that, but the fact you can add your own images means you can very much create your own version of anything. The Alien Versus Predator slot machine is exactly the same as the one we created on the MySlot Cleavage version.

Here is how it looks.

Alien versus Predator is a very popular franchise, creating your own game is possible though.

The images used are cut down automatically to size from the software used by the casino meaning it won’t be as much work as you think, most of our time was spent on finding what we thought were the coolest images to add on which probably took about 15 minutes, the rest on the Alien versus Predator slot machine will not have taken for than 5 minutes.

Alien Versus Predator slots are few and far between but creating your own is easy.


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